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The Year of Rembrandt Box is a limited edition collector item! Only 120 boxes were specially created to commemorate the life and death of the world famous Dutch artist, Rembrandt van Rijn. This box is the only one available in the UAE.

The Year of Rembrandt box was developed specially for the Year of Rembrandt 2019. Since his death over 350 years ago, he is remembered as the great master of the Golden Age and for his iconic masterpiece, the Night watch. Each box is specific to a year, starting from 1899 until 2019. 

Rembrandt professional oil colour is a superior quality paint carefully crafted in Holland from only the best raw materials.

The Year of Rembrandt Box weighs 26.4kg and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The box contains 120 oil colours, a special round wooden palette, 10 brushes, 3 painting knifes, 6 auxiliaries, 3 charcoal sticks, a double palette cup and has a gold plated R on the box. This premier box comes packed in a shipping crate, then has a black box encasing the actual wood box, which has drawers galore to hold all the paint.

AED 14,750.00 (Inclusive of Vat)

This wood box set includes 30 colours of 40ml oil colour tubes in the following colours:
Titanium White (105), Cadmium Yellow Lemon (207), Cadmium Yellow Light (208), Cadmium Yellow Deep (210), Cadmium Orange (211), Naples Yellow Light (222), Yellow Ochre (227), Yellow Ochre Light (228), Cadmium Yellow Medium (271), Cadmium Red Light (303), Cadmium Red Deep (306), Vermillion (311), Cadmium Red Medium (314), Carmine (318), Quinacridone Rose (366), Ultramarine Deep (506), Ultramarine Violet (507), Prussian Blue (508), Cobalt Blue Light (513), King's Blue (517), Sevres Blue (530), Permanent Violet Medium (537), Cobalt Violet (539), Permanent Red Violet (567), Permanent Blue Violet (568), Viridian (616), Permanent Green Light (618), Olive Green (620), Sap Green (623), Permanent Yellowish Green (633)
Plus, 90 colours of 15ml oil colour tubes in the following colours:
Mixed White (103), Zinc White (104), Titanium White (105), Zinc White (Linseed Oil) (117), Titanium White (Linseed Oil) (118), Transparent White (119), Naples Yellow Deep (223), Naples Yellow Red (224), Gold Ochre (231), Orange Ochre (232), Raw Sienna (234), Aureoline (242), Stil de Grain Yellow (251), Permanent Lemon Yellow (254), Transparent Oxide Yellow (265), Permanent Orange (266), Transparent Yellow Medium (272), Transparent Oxide Orange (273), Nickel Titanium Yellow Light (279), Nickel Titanium Yellow Deep (280), Transparent Yellow Green (281), Naples Yellow Green (282), Permanent Yellow Light (283), Permanent Yellow Medium (284), Permanent Yellow Deep (285), Cadmium Red Purple (309), Transparent Red Medium (317), Permanent Madder Light (321), Burnt Carmine (323), Permanent Madder Brown (324), Scarlet (334), Light Oxide Red (339), Permanent Madder Deep (342), Caput Mortuum Violet (344), Indian Red (347), Permanent Red Purple (348), Venetian Red (349), Permanent Red Light (370), Permanent Red Deep (371), Permanent Red Medium (377), Transparent Oxide Red (378), Permanent Madder Medium (395), Vandyke Brown (403), Raw Umber (408), Burnt Umber (409), Greenish Umber (410), Burnt Sienna (411), Asphaltum (414), Sepia (416), Stil de Grain Brown (418), Transparent Oxide Brown (426), Brown Ochre (430), Ultramarine Light (505), Cobalt Blue Ultramarine (512), Cobalt Blue Deep (515)

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